Round 7 Winner: RAFAELLA POLO


Starting this challenge was a special moment because it was the first day in a long time I began showing interest in my physical well-being. The Lean & Mean transformation program gave me the structure that I needed to become a better version of myself. I believe the key to my success was following the steps outlined at the very beginning of this challenge and especially taking the time to research about power/rep range/shock program. Of course having a challenge partner, who was my brother, helped keep me accountable. I am really happy that I took a chance on myself and participated in L&M7 and I am on cloud nine knowing that I had won. Thank you so much team ALLMAX and Coach Broser! I could not have done this without you.

For anyone considering whether or not to do this challenge – what are you still waiting for? DO IT! No matter what happens it is a win-win situation. You get a free workout plan, a free meal plan, a list of supplements, a support system, and if you do win you get amazing quality supplements from a brand that is trusted. Take an active role in your health and fitness and see your physique transform in a matter of weeks!

~ Rafaella Polo


Round 7 Fan’s Choice Winner: Kyle Relkie


I started 2019 with a fitness goal of getting into the best shape of my life before I turn 40! I am 37 years old, having worked as a firefighter in Winnipeg for the last 11 years, and have an amazing wife who has supported me throughout this tough fitness journey. When I’m not working, I spend my time balancing a life of being a full-time dad to my 2-year-old daughter, a husband to my 7-month pregnant wife and an enthusiast of weightlifting and nutrition. Two years ago, I become very ill with an autoimmune disease that caused me to lose 50 lbs of hard-earned body weight in just over a 30-day period. I worked diligently in the gym to gain back most of my muscle and unfortunately gained a lot of unwanted body fat in the process. I used the motivation factor of posing in my underwear for the Lean and Mean competition as an invaluable tool to achieve a step in the right direction towards my fitness goal! I used 3 specific Allmax supplements to assist in the process. I take Carbion as a pre and intra workout carb source, L-Carnitine Tartrate for its fat mobilization ability, and Citrulline Malate to improve intra-training intensity.

~ Kyle

Round 7 Fan’s Choice Winner: Kirstie Hendry


I started out Lean & Mean with the goal of trimming up for the summer. A few years ago, I went through a very difficult time and gained a lot of weight in the process. After getting out of that situation, I needed to find myself again and be happy with who I am. I knew losing weight and regaining my confidence was what I wanted most. I started going to the gym and eating healthy, seeing decent results. When my friends told me about the L&M challenge, I was instantly intrigued. Like most people, I love a good competition. This challenge would not only let me unleash my inner competitiveness but would also help me to reach my goals and stay accountable. Not too thrilled with my before look, hence my face in the picture (LOL), I knew it was time to buckle down and work harder than I ever had before. I started weighing my food, being more diligent with my supplements and pushing myself harder in the gym. Everything was going well, my body was responding to the work I was putting in, until I sadly injured my back. This was very discouraging as I could no longer workout and I thought my chances at L&M were over. Rather than focus on the negatives though, I knew I had to continue pushing myself and not give up. I went on walks instead of jogs or runs, and became even more strict with my food, even introducing intermittent fasting to try and maintain the results I had already been seeing. By the last week of the competition, I was able to introduce a few low impact movements into my workouts and have continued gaining more strength since. Thank you to ALLMAX and the L&M challenge for showing me that I can do anything I put my mind to and to never give up. There may be setbacks along the way, but continuing to persevere and stay determined has gotten me here today. I once again feel confident and happy and will continue setting and working towards my goals! Thank you for voting me Fans Choice Winner!

Thank you,



Round 7 Participants