Round 6 Winner: CURTIS RHODES

Hello, I am Curtis Rhodes, an all natural Bodybuilder, my Journey began in 2012 to start training and this year I am striving for a Pro Card in an all natural World division. Body Building and Personal Training have become both a disciplined lifestyle and a rewarding profession. My profession as a Personal Trainer compliments my aspirations to advance in the field of competitive body building. I am a highly motivated athlete and aspire to motivate others to achieve their goals of health and fitness as well. The best words to describe me are disciplined and dedicated. I truly am a supporter of ALLMAX products. And after quite a bit of trial and error, the program designed by Coach Eric Broser for Lean & Mean helped me get a lot further a lot faster including elements of Strength, Building and Burn, as well as my favourite stack including H-VOL, non-stimulant IMPACT, C-VOL, Glutamine, and ISOFLEX. ~ Curtis


Round 6 Fan’s Choice Winner: YLONA

Thank you @teamallmax for the opportunity to change my life around, I was always one to try to work out regularly and eat right. However, somewhere along the road dealing with stress between school, work and being diagnosed with PCOS I lost my way especially because individuals dealing with PCOS it is almost twice as hard to lose weight than an average individual. I didn’t believe in my self for losing the weight although I joked around with my husband about doing so and then I came across your challenge and decided to challenge myself. As days went by my husband and I would compare our results with one another and when I would feel like quitting he would push me to do better make me feel bad about it by calling me a quitter. During the process I was weighing out my food eating more protein and vegetables and less carbs, however, if I did consume carbs it was more so healthy carbs such as whole grains and oatmeal. I was consuming 3 protein shakes daily in the morning before my workout I would have Isoflex protein mixed with Allmax’s glutamine, and also take one Rapidcuts Shredded capsule every morning, during my workout I would drink Aminocore BCAA blue raspberry flavor and white grape flavor, and after my workout I would have another protein shake of chocolate Isoflex mixed with glutamine. I would eat 5 small meals a day making sure to really hold back on my sweets cravings for those I found that dates helped take my sweet tooth away allot limiting my self to 2 pitiless dates. Before bed, I would take Hexapro Cookies and Cream flavor mixed with Glutamine and one tablespoon of flaxseed oil to finish off my night. My mornings are usually bright and early; 5 am I would be at the gym and 6:30 I would be on my way to work. This was a particular challenge for me because I love my sleep and had to train my body to get used to going to sleep early as well. I am so proud of my self for not giving up and attending every workout although it was tough due to the early morning, I pulled through and I couldn’t be happier. Although it was a quick 8 weeks the transformation speaks for itself. I am so grateful to be the fan choice winner thank you to all who voted and I look forward to trying out more of ALLMAX’s challenges. Thank you @teamallmax truly thank you so much for this opportunity. ~ Ylona

Round 6 Participants

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