We congratulate Patricia Dworkowski as Winner of the inaugural Lean and Mean Transformation Program.

Well, see for yourself. Patricia’s Before & After photos are clear evidence of the hard work she put in and in the short 8-weeks rose as the embodiment of the Lean and Mean program. Her revealing and encouraging Facebook activities had endeared her to ALLMAX as well as other participants.

Patricia said ” I realized that things like my mental health and diet are things I have 💯 control over. I asked myself “HOW CAN YOU NOT PUT IN 100% EFFORT WHEN ONLY YOU CAN CONTROL THESE FACTORS. NO ONE ELSE?!” If I’m not giving 💯 I am only failing myself (& possibly in the long run, my family).
Thank you all!! I tried my absolute best and learned so much. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this challenge and for getting to know some of you!! For me, becoming my personal best and winning each day while helping others along the way is what it is about! Thanks Eric Broser for all the knowledge, support and awesome plan!!! Feeling so blessed for this 🙏🙏 and will continue on.

A bit more from Patricia:

I was never fit or athletic before having kids. I was “average”. Neither overweight or under, not fit but able to keep up with the endless nights of dancing and drinks.🥂┬áThe years after that passed quickly and the weight packed on 🙈. I had tried numerous diets without ever being successful. It was always a yo-yo effect and I could never find enough momentum, motivation, whatever you want to call it, to stick to any program long enough. I even paid a coach $1000 back in 2014 to help me achieve my goals & I quit after 3 weeks [yes you read that right! I spent $1000 & still didn’t achieve my goal physique 🤔.

NO ONE can do the work you’re not ready to invest in ❌]. I realize now, that it wasn’t because I didn’t have the proper tools but because I didn’t trust my instruments and I didn’t know my “why”.

At my heaviest in January of 2015, I weighed 226 lb. This was a couple short months after I had Olivia [I weighed 242 lb 🙊 the day I went into labor and she is the youngest of three]. I was mortified. Fast forward again to where I entered a period of self-discovery and growth. One summer evening, after stuffing myself with pizza and drinks by the fire, I took a hard look at myself and admitted I wasn’t happy with what I was seeing. I knew the only way to truly change anything was to get to work. It was instant — like a light switch being flicked on.

ALLMAX is very proud to have encouraged so many participants to achieve remarkable results.
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