I, like many other people, took time off training through the holiday season last year. Needless to say, the bad food choices and lack of exercise caught up with me. I just happened to be scrolling through social media and ran across the Allmax Lean And Mean competition. Being a 42 year old man I never thought I had a chance of competing with younger people, much less winning it, but I wanted to use it for a motivational tool to get me back in my prime. Armed with Coach Brosers easy laid out work out program all I needed was to come up with a great meal plan. Once I figured my macros out and meal prepped every meal for the whole week it was a breeze. I could just focus on training and recovering.

After the first month, I noticed new veins and muscle definition that I haven’t seen in 20 years. That gave me the motivation to push even harder for the final month. The support from Coach Broser and the other competitors on the lean and mean Facebook page were a huge asset. The ALLMAX Aminos and Impact pre-workout were vital for me that last month of cutting, for helping me keep my hard earned gains and having a nice boost in the gym. Even if I didn’t win I would have been a happy man to be in this great of shape. If you get a chance to participate in another one of the challenges, I encourage you to do so. You won’t be disappointed!



I decided to enter the Allmax Lean & Mean challenge both because I had so many things going on in my home life with unknown future and because I needed that little bit extra to amp up my training if I intended to compete in the Alberta Natural Championship. When I got started I was really excited to jump in with both feet but as the first few weeks passed, I just wasn’t seeing the results I thought I should be. I reached out and Eric responded back right away. I was able to send him some extra pictures so he could try and see if maybe I was being too hard on myself or if maybe my diet just needed some more tweaking. With a little more confidence and being able to post on the Facebook group both my success and days when I felt I fell short it gave me the boost I needed. Thanks to Eric and Team Allmax and a huge thanks to everyone who participated because without the interaction it would not have been the same!

Honorable Mention: ROEL BENITEZ


After previously completing a 4-month contest prep last summer, I let my offseason get the best of me. I saw the Lean and Mean challenge as an opportunity for me to get back on track and to get a head start on prep for another show. After completing the challenge I felt amazing. My conditioning was better, I lost the majority of body fat I gained during the offseason, and it gave me the chance to motive others around me.

Honorable Mention: MARK BRENGEL


I signed up for the Lean and Mean as accountability to myself, thru others, to get healthy for me and my family. As my body and mind changed throughout the challenge, my kids began to notice. I am now more active with my boys and understand the importance of health and fitness and my family is following suit. The Lean and Mean challenge has changed my life for the better and I’m not looking back!

Round 2 Participants

We congratulate all these other participants. As you can see, some were not far off from winning the Challenge themselves. But we’re sure most of them have accomplished the one true purpose of this program. And that is to set a goal and after 8 short weeks, feel and look better than when they started. We are proud of you all and hope that you can be an inspiration for new participants.

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