As long as I can remember, I’ve been struggling with weight, body image, etc. I think I got very insecure with my body.

I’m not gonna lie I used different diets, you name it … tried everything (eating only fruits & veggies, cut all the carbs. Yeah, I thought carbs are Evil 🤦🏼‍♀️, ate only 1 small fat-free yogurt, etc.) I abused my body in every possible way. I lost weight but gained back again. It’s hard to admit I’ve been riding roller coast diet-> binge eating-> diets for half of my life 😒 I was mentally exhausted, I felt like food was only happiness in my life; I was looking forward to my day off so I could stay in the house and just eat; I didn’t wanna go anywhere; baggy sweatpants was my daily outfit for a while, I couldn’t fit in any of my clothes… I got to the point when I looked in the mirror I was disgusted in the way I look.

I had allowed myself to get into a very “bad place” mentally.

I knew something had to change it…

I’d fought back mentally the month prior and when the challenge came I knew it was what would bring me across the mental finish line. With the help of my online coach I was able to keep myself on track

Not gonna lie I wanted to quit, wanted to cheat so bad. This time around I decided I’m not just gonna try, I WILL STICK TO MY PLAN‼️ Just to make myself proud‼️ No more cupcakes as rewards for losing 5 pounds. And no more celery sticks as punishment for not making it to the gym. Just wanted to be happy with myself.

And, It did so 110% with the added benefit of now starting to see “me again” in the mirror too. Still, a ways to go .. but I see her, and that just adds more emotional fuel.

Thanks #Lean & Mean Round #4 Challenge for the difference it’s made for me in all areas of my well-being.

Tears of joy when I saw the real me start to peak out finally.


Can’t wait to see what next Challenge will bring… ☺️


Round 4 Participants

We congratulate all these other participants. As you can see, some were not far off from winning the Challenge themselves. But we’re sure most of them have accomplished the one true purpose of this program. And that is to set a goal and after 8 short weeks, feel and look better than when they started. We are proud of you all and hope that you can be an inspiration for new participants.

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