2018 Round 5 Winner: RICHARD RIVERA

Well, I began this challenge with not so much high hopes on winning, but rather, getting better. I had rotor cuff surgery a year ago and have been trying to getting my motion and strength back. This challenge helped me focus on form and getting stronger. On days when I was sore and tired, my wife asked why I wasn’t going to the gym. She helped me carry on when my shoulder didn’t want to. I began a new job, which cut into my training, but was able to work around it. The Allmax supplements I got for the challenge were a huge help in my recovery and the Impact pre-workout really helped my get up in the mornings and push thru my 10 to 12 hour days. I learned to eat right and eat smarter. I found that nutrition was the one biggest reason I was not able to drop the weight I have been carrying around for so long.

A great side effect to getting healthier was the energy I had to spend with my two kids. At 4 and 8 years old, they have a super amount of energy. Dropping the extra weight has helped me keep up with them and the strength I’ve gained has helped me pick them up without any pain or discomfort. It’s a great feeling and they enjoy it greatly. Looking to carry on from what I’ve learned on this challenge and trying to help my wife and those around me as much as I can. This new year will bring an even better me.


2018 Round 5 Participants

We congratulate all these other participants. As you can see, some were not far off from winning the Challenge themselves. But we’re sure most of them have accomplished the one true purpose of this program. And that is to set a goal and after 8 short weeks, feel and look better than when they started. We are proud of you all and hope that you can be an inspiration for new participants.

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