Q. Ok, so what does one need to do to get some definition in their stubborn lower body????? Feeling frustrated just a little bit.

A. For 99% of women, it takes longer to achieve lower body definition than upper body. Keep pushing to burn fat via diet and cardio and it will come. You can also try hitting legs up to 3 x per week.


Q. What is the difference between Allmax Waxy Maize (I have this on hand) and Carbion? Can Waxy Maize be used immediately post workout to restore that glycogen? Is it better than gummy bears? Or how is it different from the Carbion recommended.

A. WAXY MAIZE is a decent carb but CARBION is a truly, scientifically engineered carb that will more quickly and efficiently restore glycogen.


Q. Does Allmax have any supplements that are free of artificial sweeteners/colors?

A. Their ISONATURAL line of protein powders fit that bill!


Q. Eric, today would be my rest day but we are in the mountains hiking for the day. If I’m hiking/walking trails for a few hours each day, should I eat at my rest day macros or active day macros?

A. Go active.


Q. Will you be giving tips / advises each week on how to execute?

A. The entire program is laid out for you – exercises, sets, reps, etc. Of course, you can modify if needed to better fit your available equipment, time frame, etc.


Q. So currently I consume 2000 calories. Because I weigh 135 I need to change that consumption to 1350 calories

A. Everything I have laid out for you is my recommendation as a coach. Nothing is set in stone, nor are you required to follow my plan exactly. I created the outline to give contestants the best chance to succeed based on my experience working with 100’s of clients.


Q. How frequently do you recommend to check weight progression over the 8 weeks, please?

A. Once per week. Same day. Empty stomach.



Q. Do I lift as heavy as I can for the tempo training?

A. The goal is to choose weights that bring you to exhaustion within the specified rep range.


Q. I was told a while ago by a coach that females shouldn’t deadlift heavy from a bikini competitor viewpoint because it widens your waist? What’s your viewpoint on this as I’ve read mixed things online

A. Heavy deadlifting is not something I recommend for a bikini gal. Higher rep deadlifts and stiff leg deadlifts are ok.


Q. Hi Eric, on my previous program, I was permitted Greek Yogurt. In reading your guidelines, under healthy fats, there’s no mention of that, or even Cottage Cheese (1%/2%) – Nordica brand. Here’s a picture of the yogurt I am referring to. Yes or no as a good source of fat?

A. You would have to fit it into your macronutrient allowance for a given meal, which can be tough since it is kind of high in protein, carbs AND fats.


Q. I used to put my leucine into my bcaa’s intra workout. Is there a better benefit of using it post workout? Also, how do you feel about protein scoop intra workout?

A. I would not use straight protein while training. BCAA’s is best. Save the straight leucine for immediately post workout or in post workout shake.


Q. Is there a cheat meal allowed, during the diet?

A. In a short 8-week challenge, I would not recommend cheats.


Q. Does anyone have any tips on how to pose to show the best you?

A. I would look online at how some of the pro bikini and figure gals do it onstage to get a good idea. Take many pics of yourself at different angles and decide on YOUR best look.


Q. Eric, what made you pick Allmax?

A. Several companies were approaching me at the same time all asking if I would consider joining forces with them and standing behind their brand. I did not take this decision lightly and spent weeks and weeks researching the products…the people…the mission…the science…the track record…and much more, of each of the companies I was considering. It did not take long for ALLMAX to rise to the top, as they easily outshined the others in every category. It is a year later and I could not possibly feel better about my decision to align myself with this incredible brand! ~Coach EB


Q. Does anyone else have issues drinking during their workouts? I can’t even drink water or I feel sick😥. I’m kinda worried when it comes to week 8 and we are up to 60 minutes cardio. Any suggestions?

A. Add some delicious flavored BCAA’s to the water to make it more palatable. ALLMAX has a bunch of great choices for you! The watermelon and white grape are MY personal favorites!


Q. Can you use Hexapro instead of casein at night? Casein makes me sleep horribly. I have tried on several occasions thinking maybe I was just having a bad night but sadly not the case. Anyone else has this issue?

A. Casein is a bit superior to a before bed protein, But HEXAPRO is certainly the best substitute as a singular product. I myself tend to mix a scoop of CASEINFX with a scoop of ISOFLEX and add a little healthy fats. This combo works best for me.


Q. Do we have to send like picture check-ins of our physiques or is it just a beginning and ending type of deal?

A. Feel free to post progress pics here for all to see – but for the contest, it is just pics to start and at the end.