ALLMAX Training DRIVE YOURSELF Programs will guide you through the steps to your consistent weight loss and muscle gains. Our 8-week programs are specifically designed to take you through to the advanced stage of training to produce results.


Access to three NEW training programs based on fitness goals: Weight loss, Beach Ready, and Muscle Gains.


Nutrition strategies and sample meal plans to fit your transformation journey.


All training programs work synergistically with ALLMAX supplements to help you get max results from every workout.


There are two things that appeal to almost everyone, whatever the goal: to save time and maximize progress. Yet when it comes to building a lean physique, many of us do the exact opposite: train excessively for little, if any, real return on investment.

Weight Loss – Key Benefits

The major focus of the HIIT plan to follow is sustained fat loss and maximum muscle retention. Indeed, HIIT is perhaps best known for its profound impact on blasting fat stores compared to other, less intensive training methods.17 In addition to directly burning fat for fuel, HIIT’s primary fat burning effect can be observed in the hours following each session.

The utilization of calories has been shown to occur for up to 21 hours following a bout of HIIT (the famed EPOC, or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, effect) due to a marked increase in normal resting metabolism.

Beach Ready – Key Benefits

This Eight-Week Intermediate Program for Lean Muscle Gains s designed to keep the muscle gains coming and fat loss consistent past the beginner stage of training. Do not be tempted to do more than is prescribed below. Instead, seek to maximize intensity from one session to the next. The important ways to enhance intensity are outlined from phase to phase. Remember to keep training basic, continue to refine training form, and ensure complete rest and recovery outside the gym.

Muscle Gains – Key Benefits

This program is designed to get your physique stage ready and by stage ready we mean around six percent body fat with minimal weaknesses. As an advanced lifter you are better positioned than ever to maximize your genetic potential for muscle and strength gains. You are closer to having all of the self-knowledge needed to know what works and what does not provide the muscle-building return on investment you desire.

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Check out what some of our notable Challengers have to say about the Lean & Mean Transformation Program.

Patricia Dworkowski

I tried my absolute best and learned so much. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this challenge and for getting to know some of you!! Thanks Eric for all the knowledge, support and awesome plan!!!

Mike Henson

After the first month, I noticed new veins and muscle definition that I haven’t seen in 20 years. That gave me the motivation to push even harder for the final month. The support from Coach Broser and the other competitors on the lean and mean Facebook page were a huge asset.

Sarah-Lynn Sobkowich

When I got started I was really excited to jump in with both feet but as the first few weeks passed, I just wasn’t seeing the results I thought I should be. I reached out and Eric responded back right away…With a little more confidence and being able to post on the Facebook group…gave me the boost I needed.